Fabric Covering Wing 6 of 8

wing silver

Spraying the silver Poly Spray makes a real change to the wings. Three coats are applied until there is no obvious light showing through. An auto inspection light was placed beneath the wing and the lights were turned off in the garage.  If any light penetrated the fabric then it had to be recoated again.  Between coats, Poly Fiber advises to use their special “Paint Cleaning Chemical” which is wiped on and off.  This removes any sanding residue, dust  or dirt before the next coat is applied without harming the base finish.

The silver finish is actually fine granules of aluminum suspended in a clear Poly Based mixture.  The sprayed aluminum needs to be very lightly sanded between coats until smoothed out before the final paint color is sprayed. If the pinked ears of any tapes stand up or if any taped edge is rough the fabric can be lightly sanded and the fabric recoated.

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