Flight Test Video of Elevator & Horizontal Stabilizers

Let’s look a few years ahead at a three minute flight video showing the Aircraft Tail behavior during Cruise, Landing and Side slip maneuvers. A noticeable misalignment of the Elevator and Horizontal Stabilizer occurs in these various flight control movements. An adjustment to the Forward Spar will be needed to realign these surfaces.


Determination Video

Let’s look ahead a few years and view a short 2 minute video taken from a belly camera during a 2012 test flight. This video was made after the aforementioned landing incident and was created to instill a sense of confidence for the test pilot…Me!

A bounced landing can feel especially severe but after reviewing the video I was quite surprised that the bounce was not nearly as high as it felt.

There are 4 cameras used in various locations on N728DC and in future posts I will describe their purpose and demonstrate their capabilities for both aircraft performance review and Pilot flight test analysis.

N728DC Super Sportsman Welcome

N728DC Super Sportsman

Welcome to the Cleared to Land FLIGHT bLOG.  This is the first post of hopefully many posts that will describe with text, photos and videos the building and flight testing process of Experimental Aircraft N728DC. Your comments are always welcome.