Fabric Covering Wing 1 of 8

Fabric bottom wing

The photos above show the top view of the left wing as it stands vertical to make it easier to work on. The long piece of wing fabric is temporarily attached from the trailing edge and was for the moment  just draped down. The Northstar plans called for two 2 inch strips of fabric tape to be stretched over the top of the fuel tank area to reinforce the ribs so they won’t deform when fabric is attached and shrunk over the the whole wing. I also did this to the bottom of the wing fuel tank area since I decided to have a removable cover there too.  This was also the time to add the Inter Rib Bracing material which is basically a preshrunk ribbon-like material.  Poly Fiber instructs you how to zig zag this between the ribs and how to knot them at each crossover point. The bracing is designed to keep the ribs from deforming during the fabric shrinking process.

The left wing also had an Angle of Attack Probe which was located  12 feet out from the root. This device had a plumbing line in the form of a tube that brings ram air pressure to a reporting module behind the instrument panel.  Location of the probe on the leading edge of the wing is critical to it’s reliability so I was not sure if the location I decided on was the best. In view of possibly having to change it during flight testing, I chose to use a conduit that I could access to retrieve and re-route the air line.  I used a very light weight fluorescent bulb tube sleeve as the conduit for this purpose. One last thing was attaching Anti-Chafe Tape to any sharp or protruding item that could puncture or fray the fabric. There were very few places where this was necessary.

It was now time to turn the wing upside down and start the wing fabric attachment on the bottom of the wing.

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