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wing fabric rivet

One of my reasons for selecting the Northstar Wing Kit was the use of fabric rivets. ¬†They are so much easier to use than stitching the ribs and they make for a stronger attachment and are easy to replace or repair. Northstar fabricates the ribs with predrilled 1/8th inch holes that are equally spaced along the centerline of each rib cap. After the fabric is attached and shrunk, a line of Polyester Twill reinforcement tape is attached along the top and bottom of each rib cap. ¬†After the tape was attached, I used an auto inspection light and placed it below the wing to back light the rib which then showed where the holes were located. I used a sharp pointed hot soldering iron and poked a hole through the reinforcing tape and fabric into the predrilled hole. This seals (melts) the surrounding edge of the hole. The Northstar wing kit includes special Avex Pull Rivets and .016 X 1/2″ thin aluminum washers that connect the fabric directly to the ribs.

Attaching the Tapes and Gussets was the next step but before that, I used a pencil and straight edge and drew on the fabric exactly where tapes were to be located such as over the riveted ribs, leading and trailing edges, around openings, and where inspection covers would be located. After the lines were drawn I then brushed on the Poly Brush over the entire fabric wing area. The Poly Brush is a very rubbery material and you cannot draw a pencil line over it.

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