Wing Rotator Fixtures

wing rotis.

While saw horses were used during the early stages of wing construction, it would now be neccesary to have some other method to support the wing for the fabric covering process.  I would need an easy way to rotate the wing from right side up to upside down without having someone to help me.  The wing would need to rest on something flat when it was right side up and rest on something contoured to the airfoil shape when it was upside down.  I purchased two very inexpensive engine stands for each wing from the Harbor Freight store and mounted a 2 X 10 board that attaches to the rotating hub of the engine stand and connected to the front and rear wing spar connections.  When the wing was upside right I would use a simple saw horse on the opposite end.  When I needed to flip the wing upside down I would use a special plywood box that has a carpet tile covered contour that matched the airfoil contour of the Northstar wing.  I also wanted a method to hold the wing up vertically for certain fabrication reasons and also for efficient storage before final assembly to the fuse.  I used the same plywood box and created a vertical airfoil profile of the first third of the Northstar wing by kerfing a piece of plywood to create the shape and then covering it with the backside of carpet tile to protect the wings surface.  When I needed to flip the wing I would lift the wing tip and turn the wing over and use a wing box or a saw horse to support it as needed.

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