Miscellaneous Wing Projects

A number of various plumbing, electrical, and access issues needed to be completed before covering the wing with fabric.  Fuel vent lines were installed on both wings, fuel ports, sump drains, and site guage fittings were terminated through the wing root for future connections.  The wing tip nav/strobe light wiring was fished through the trailing edge void and operationally tested.  Any electrical problem occuring inside the wing will become a lot more troublesome to fix after the fabric is attached. Inspection covers were also fabricated for aileron and flap operations along with wing strut connection locations.  I elected to use 8/32 machine screws and anchor nuts for all covers which took a little longer than the conventional sheet metal screws. Northstar provides the templates for these covers and also explains on their video a very clever method to bump out the aluminum as needed to go around a protruding aileron pulley.

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