Canadian Wings


 This was a little over ten years ago (2003) when we took the family truckster up to Georgian bay in Ontario Canada to pick up our newly made wing kit.  I was assured by Morgan Williams of Custom Flight Limited that it would all fit in our van except for the four 16 foot wing spars that had to ride in a huge tube on the roof. At the time there was a currency exchange rate that worked in our favor and for some unknown reason there was no duty or tariffs for aircraft parts.  While going through Customs, they were more concerned whether Tony sitting in the back seat was really our son.   Another advantage on the trip was visiting the “Beer Store” where Tony had his picture taken! He was 15 at the time – too young to be a customer at the Beer Store!

I could hardly wait to get home and start the assembly which required viewing over 12 hours of video tape instructions which I was a bit skeptical of.  I later found out that the video tapes were a very efficient way to learn the proper methods and practices for assembling such a project. Morgan estimated it would take 50 hours to assemble both wings (not including fabric).  It ended up taking me twice as long but I had no complaints. I wanted to take my time!

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