Finalizing Projects in the Forward Fuse


The effort was to finalize every item in the fuse that would eventually get covered by fabric. One of those regrettable decisions was to accommodate an AM/FM Stereo CD player and all the necessary wiring, speakers, etc. This was the result of having too much time on my hands and not thinking like a pilot.  Yes, it would have been nice to listen to my favorite music while relaxing on a lake in my float plane but now that can be done with an iPod, an iPhone, or many other modern devices.  To this day I have yet to use it and it all goes along for a ride consuming space, adding to the weight of the airplane and reminding me how behind the times I was to ever consider such an item. 

To secure all the interior sheet metal panels of the passenger compartment I used # 6 sheet metal screws that affixed to Tinnerman nuts attached to welded tabs on the fuse.  Another item that was not in the plans is the simple idea of what to grab on to when you have to climb up to refuel the airplane. In a truck part catalog I found a unique 90 degree entry/egress handle. This would allow a good handle to grab on when you have to climb on the wheels to gain access to the wing tanks and the 90 degree turn in the handle would also provide a very useful way of climbing into the cockpit. 

While I was getting closer to starting the fabric cover project for the fuse I was also reminded of the severe limitation of the width of the cockpit and it became time to take a detour and research the method for designing and fabricating a set plexiglas bubble doors to widen the cockpit.


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