Finalizing Projects Under the Turtledeck


 The Wag Aero plans called for the battery to be located behind the rear passenger compartment sheet metal.  A small hinged inspection panel above the battery would allow access to the battery when the turtledeck was raised. The same hinged panel could also be used to preflight the elevator bell crank, flap pulleys and a voltage gauge with switch would provide an indication of battery charge.  That was the idea at the time.  When the aircraft was completed and weight and balance calculations were made, the weight of the tail became a concern. It was decided that anything behind the passenger compartment that could be moved forward, would be moved forward.  The ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) would move from under the turtledeck near the tail and now go to the underside of the pilots seat.  A new and smaller 12Volt battery would mount on the engine compartment firewall and the switchable voltage guage would be omitted entirely.

Other pre-cover projects included the wood stringers on the bottom and sides of the fuselage for the fabric to form around and completion of the interior sheet metal forming the passenger compartment.

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