Motorized Rotisserie


The fuse became noticeably heavier to turn as I continued to attach more parts.  Without redesigning the rig I attached a hoist motor at the base of the rotisserie and strung the winch cable to a pulley at the top of an 8 foot aluminum mast. I then redirected the cable downward and attached it to an “L” channel that spans the rotating plywood panel. This arrangement allowed me to spin the fuselage from zero to ninety plus degrees in one direction.  To spin the other direction all I needed to do was disconnect the cable and reattach it to the other side.  This proved to be very helpful especially when it came to the Poly Fiber Fabric attachhment and painting process.

Later, after the airplane was completed I used the same motorized mast to help raise the tail for tailwheel repairs, weight and balance computations and adjusting wing dihedral angles. In this case, I attached the hook and cable directly to the welded lift handles on the fuselage.

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